Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Deerwood Academy Media Center is dedicated to designing and maintaining a program that supports, compliments, and expands the instructional program of an International Baccalaureate Elementary School. The media center seeks to provide a learning environment which promotes inquiry, stimulates intellectual curiosity, encourages pleasure reading, and develops diverse interests for the enjoyment of life-long learning. Additionally, the Media Center will provide and promote instruction to prepare students to become independent users of libraries and information resources.

Parents, if you have any concerns, questions, or ideas, please comment. You will need a Google account. It is free to sign up!!!

Useful Resources:
password: warning, 6/28/12 password changes to present
this is the online book catalog for Deerwood Academy

Accelerated Reader
username: deerwood
password: books
username: aps-deerwood
password: student
This is Mr. Ashley's youtube channel. It includes videos on reference skills and digital stories. The reference skills videos will assist in the language arts portion of the CRCT.
Virtual dissection of frog
Science support, resources, fun activities
Brain builders, worksheets, clipart
Teacher tools (rubrics, word search, crossword, calendars)
Fun site for kids
Fun site for kids
Math brain teasers
Kids’ mysteries
Educator’s Best friend
Loads of interactive web sites (leads you to everything!)
Lesson plans
Elementary Mathematics lessons
Lesson plans, curriculums, projects, activities
Creating graphs
“How to” for Power Point
“How to” for spread sheets
Technology for teachers
National Geographic for kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Interactive Mathematics Activities
Research alternatives
Internet Public Library
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Information for parents, teachers, and students
On-line elementary classroom with lessons
Biography channel
Jeopardy games (already created)
Templates for creating Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, and Millionaire
Poetry links
Create a word search puzzle

Research Models (This site explains the Research Cycle)

Technology Teaching Sites (This site has video tutorials showing how to do things like PowerPoint)

Parent Websites

Student Websites

Educator’s Websites (this is loaded with lessons/activities/videos) Virtual Field Trips (This site has good links to resources for teachers. Under math lessons it has a link that goes to a page that will do up to date currency exchange for anywhere)

WebQuests and Scavenger Hunts